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The new Land Rov…er…Ford Explorer?

Ford's new 2011 Explorer

Ford launched its new, unibody contruction Explorer SUV in the States yesterday. Important car and all that, neat design, big departure for the nameplate in terms of strategic thinking, blah blah blah. But hang on. Ford make a lot of noise in the press release about the new terrain management selector knob:

Which happens to bear a degree of similarity to the application used in Land Rover products. Funny that, given that Ford used to own Land Rover….

Yet what no one has yet picked up, is just how Land Rover-like the exterior of the car is, too. So (with apologies for messy photoshop-ing), here’s the 2011 Explorer:

Which in my view, rather too easily becomes a 2012 Land Rover something or other…

Here’s why and how:

Of course, this is not to say that the new Explorer is a bad car. I’m just surprised by how much Land Rover DNA seems to have been injected into it, and how easily and credibly it could pass as a new Land Rover product. A bad thing? I suspect not. But what do you think?